How Do I Find Inner Peace?


How Do I Find Inner Peace?

When you learn how to look, where to center the focus of your attention, and how to experience the actual reality of your own being, you begin to sift through the maelstrom of thought and find that inner peace and wholeness that make all of life complete and perfect.

Have you ever really studied the needle of a compass?

It is a paragon of poise, dancing and spinning with grace and perfect balance on a single point.

You may be noticing how fragile and weak this appears, yet that perfect balance and sense of direction guides great expeditions and explorers who quickly become lost without it.

Your life can be like that compass needle, where from the lightest touch you can discover the inspiration that clearly and wisely guides you, or you may feel like your compass needle has fallen from its center point and it rattling around on the floor of the case, loose, off its mooring, static, devoid of the energy and direction that gives it life.

With the right tools and insight you could reposition your compass needle in its rightful place, at home in its freedom and function, and you can learn the same kind of techniques to gain clear insight into the issues that govern your own life.

Here are the prerequisites: 1) You have to be sufficiently open minded to learn something new. It’s not entirely new, you are rediscovering your own identity, but if there is a hard crust of conventionality that refuses to yield, you may never find it. 2) You have to be willing to devote sufficient time to experiencing the wholeness of life, and your own identity. Learning any skill can take some practice and an understanding of the basic principles that govern its operation, but what can you tell me that is more over arching in importance, relevance, power, harmony, joy and effectiveness than understanding the nature of your own identity and finding inner tranquility?

How Do I Find Inner Peace? Your Secret Treasure Within, A Step-By-Step Guide, Beginner to Advanced, by Daniel M. Dreifus gives you techniques, insights, ideas and understanding to discover your greatest gift. Nothing can replace the value of inner calm, not fame, accomplishment, relationship, wealth or work.

Is Peace Possible?

Let me share a secret with you. Not only is it possible, you can open a new way of seeing the world that is practical and will increasingly become indispensable to you. You don’t have to be subject to discordant conditions as you find the techniques and truths, that allow you to access deeper aspects of your own being. Go to the step by step guide.

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Don’t you understand?

from “My Friend Flicka” 1943:

“Don’t you understand, Ken?

If a person or an animal finds love it’s the same as finding safety.

It’s comfort and friendliness and help.

Everyone longs for it.

And if Flicka’s found it, and yet doesn’t have sense enough to know she’s found it, and goes around being crazy and silly with fear, then … she’d be loco.”

How To Fix Apple (Mac) Mail Going Blank

Certainly contributes to inner peace to get Mail working again, so here’s how.

I’m using El Capitan, hope this is helpful to others.

Occasionally, when opening Mail, the Notifications work, and the Mail icon shows the number of messages, but the screen is blank.

Open System Preferences and select “Internet Accounts”

Go through the Account names one by one and uncheck or deselect Mail. Then close System Preferences and open Mail. You should see a new blank window which did not appear before.

Now just go back to System Preferences and Internet Accounts to check the box next to Mail for each account you wish to enable.

Close System Preferences and all should be back to normal.

Become As Little Children

One of the fundamental distinctions, is the difference between outer and inner knowing.

This is the difference between knowing and perceiving.

become as little childrenChildlike joy and optimism looks without the static of past experience, undimmed by disappointment.

This is an attitude of Mind, not a collection of years.

Even if you did not experience the fresh seeing of childhood as a child, the experience is open to you now.

Living Beyond the Speed of Light

Light is a fundamental basis for our world of sense.

living light
The electromagnetic spectrum is comprised of visible and invisible light.

Living in the world of appearance, virtually everything is perceived at the speed of light.

But it is a representational reality.

Beneath and beyond it all, is the Truth of Being, known directly.

I wonder if this is why video games hold such appeal as participants transcend themselves in becoming immersed. Like Star Wars’ first film where Luke Skywalker in attacking the Death Star had to push aside electronic targeting assistance and perceive directly to overcome blindingly fast opposition.

If you’re a musician you can find an analogy in the difference between practicing technique and playing for sound and perfection of the piece.

In business, setting aside preconceptions of thought, and moving directly into the moment, being whole and present expands your possibilities exponentially and transforms the mundane into an experience of joy.

The intent of this entry was to share a magnificent realization that unfolded this morning, not to promote my book. Still, the Inner Peace book is a compilation of the practices that lead to these insights, so feel free to investigate further there.

Feeling Inner Peace

The feeling of inner peace grows as a conflicted sense of self wanes. So there is a paradox. You need to get your “self” out of the way to admit a larger sense of being, a greater sense of peace and wholeness.

Feel Inner PeaceDichotomies of Being

Here are some ways of describing the dichotomy: outer-inner, matter-spirit, seen-unseen, finite-infinite, unreal or temporal-real or eternal. Mary Baker Eddy suggested that Mind cannot be compressed beneath a skull bone.

The Illusion

Our belief in a limited sense of self has been described as illusion, hypnotism, dream. The paradox of transformation is that identity shifts. An expanded “you” emerges only as the “you” that limits awareness fades.

Great Joy

Ever notice how butterflies flutter? They jump around almost as if to say their joy cannot be contained. Could it be they’re just so happy to no longer be a worm?


Scripture describes one Saturday when Jesus in the Temple got up to read a passage from Elijah about setting the captives free and opening the eyes of the blind. Enlightenment is about releasing bonds and discovering a new way of seeing beyond outward appearance.


Here is a personal story about the beauty of holiness and rotten apples. The weather has been very hot recently – around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I had been doing yard work as sunset approached, cutting up tree branches while wearing leather gloves and a breathing filter tending to make things even warmer. The next task was picking up many apples that had fallen from the tree, were turning brown, rotting and attracting little fruit flies. You pick them up one by one and place them in a plastic bucket for disposal.

I realized my attitude could have been human and bitter. “This job sucks! It’s too hot! I’m uncomfortable, sweating! This is a thankless task! Woe is me,” but having learned to live with a quiet mind, none of these thoughts were present. Instead, I began to notice how tiny almost invisible flies circled the apples and seemed to represent the idea that Life is infinite and even the fallen apple is cared for. The sun was setting and the twilight gave an almost other worldly glow. It was a setting of great tranquility and peace and wholeness as I picked up the little apples one by one. It was a scene of such transcendence, beauty and stillness that I was just transported and transformed into great inner joy and peace just to be in it.

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Book Review: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

You will find my book review covers the revised paperback edition with a new foreword by Lynne McTaggart. Reading the front cover you see: The Holographic Universe, The revolutionary theory of reality that explains the latest frontiers of physics, the paranormal abilities of the mind, the unsolved riddles of brain and body. Author: Michael Talbot, and a review by Jean Houston, Ph.D.: “A subtle but thrilling remaking of the mind. One comes to the end of it living in a larger universe, gifted with talents one never knew one had.”

In my review, I make reference to the first paragraph of the foreword which seems like a good introduction. Here it is: “Like any good science fiction writer with a taste for journalism, Michael Talbot liked to trawl through frontier science for ideas. In the 1980s, Talbot chanced upon an obscure French experiment carried out by a junior lecturer for his doctoral dissertation. It had been an audacious project; Alain Aspect, a Ph.D. candidate at the Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan outside of Paris, set out to demonstrate that, in at least one regard, Albert Einstein had been wrong.”

My complete review is found here.

Spiritual Structure of the Universe

Spiritual Structure of the Universe

To understand the spiritual structure of the universe, you need to begin with an inquiring and unprejudiced perspective. This is the basis of the scientific method where investigation overcomes belief held for centuries.

spiritual universeConsider this example. The other day, carrying Arrowhead 2.5 gallon distilled water bottles from the car during rainy weather I wondered how water is held up in the sky. It is clearly heavier than air, and the two and one half gallon containers are a lot heavier than air, yet considerably more than a couple of gallons falls during rains.

The next morning my question was answered. I drove through a tranquil valley where the mountain tops on the far side were hidden in clouds. Rain clouds are like fog with moisture sufficiently fine to hover in the atmosphere like dust. The phenomenon is subtle. When water in liquid form evaporates it is as much a gas in the form of water vapor, as is nitrogen or oxygen. Nitrogen and oxygen also liquify under the right conditions of temperature and pressure, but it is far easier for us to observe water condensing under common circumstances, and this gradual migration from liquid to gas and back to liquid again is a subtle dance which becomes mysterious only when we miss the subtlety.

Ever wonder how oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs? How can you inhale oxygen and at the very same time be exhaling carbon dioxide? There must be an overlap, right? In other words, both are happening together, but how can that be? How can you be taking in oxygen while at the exact same time releasing carbon dioxide? What is the mechanism of this exchange? It’s got to be one or the other but not both, right? Not so. Continue reading

How Do You Meditate? – Meditation is Simple

If you’re wondering how to meditate, consider this. You’ve heard the expression “lost in thought.” How often does that describe your experience? You can realize you’re not lost when you reclaim the simple role of observer.

Unencumbered By Rational Thought

Often, every thought that arises in consciousness can seem so enthralling that you feel you must follow it. There is another way. Your natural insight and presence, as Click and Clack like to say is “unencumbered by rational thought.”

Clearly, rational thought has its uses and value, yet surprisingly, it can also be an encumbrance. Here’s why. Just as classical Newtonian physics accurately described the world for centuries, when more sophisticated instrumentation appeared, a deeper level of reality was discovered.

The limitation of rational thought says Alan Watts, is that we are always reasoning from the known to the known. Rational thought is a construct. When we read or say the word “red” we understand we are representing the color. As Shakespeare remarked, a rose by any name smells as sweet. So we need to dissociate language and reality to perceive and experience directly.

The Direct Experience

The direct wordless experience of an idea or problem reveals vistas heretofore unknown. Continue reading

Sub Atomic Physics and Daily Life – A Practical Guide

Sub Atomic Physics and Daily Life – A Practical Guide

The implications of modern physics can seem puzzling because the phenomena they observe are far removed from your daily experience. The joy of Science is that it’s a window into reality that irrevocably alters our perception of life in ways that often have far reaching significance.

The heart of modern subatomic or theoretical physics apart from fermions and pions is that the mathematical constructs used to describe reality, illuminate a non physical realm as the foundation of all that exists, as matter melts into probability waves in the mind of the observer.

Here’s an interesting parallel. In the Bible, St. Paul remarks that things which are seen are made of things which do not appear. Here again, the idea of something solid behind and beneath the seeming solidity we perceive – isn’t solid at all.

Let’s hasten to add, this in no way diminishes substantiality, it only means Reality is not finite.

What actually holds up the moon? Surely it’s heavier than a large shovel full of dirt, and the answer is not an invisible string. We know the earth revolves around the sun, but why doesn’t it feel that way when we see the sunrise?

There’s an extraordinary way of answering questions that seem incomprehensible. Alan Watts posed the idea that if a question persists in being unanswerable, it may be the wrong question. Once you have the right question, there is an aspect of your Mind often overlooked that you can access directly.

In its simplest use for example, Thomas A. Edison would take catnaps and ideas would come to him. We’ve all experienced a “Eureka” epiphany when conscious thought had been stymied. We can access this faculty directly with guidance.

Often, in early childhood, our minds are trained to be incessantly in action. In Eastern thought, the mind is likened to a monkey constantly jumping from one branch to another. Meditation occurs when the mind is still. It’s like finding the “off” switch for random thought.

Christmas Humphreys authored a book called Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation and this progression in the title provides a useful framework to understanding the progressively deeper thought that leads to the meditative state where previously unseen aspects are revealed, and we probe beneath labels to direct knowledge and the heart of Reality.

For more detailed information go to and search for “How do I find inner peace?” to find my electronic book which you can purchase or borrow.