Living Beyond the Speed of Light

Light is a fundamental basis for our world of sense.

living light
The electromagnetic spectrum is comprised of visible and invisible light.

Living in the world of appearance, virtually everything is perceived at the speed of light.

But it is a representational reality.

Beneath and beyond it all, is the Truth of Being, known directly.

I wonder if this is why video games hold such appeal as participants transcend themselves in becoming immersed. Like Star Wars’ first film where Luke Skywalker in attacking the Death Star had to push aside electronic targeting assistance and perceive directly to overcome blindingly fast opposition.

If you’re a musician you can find an analogy in the difference between practicing technique and playing for sound and perfection of the piece.

In business, setting aside preconceptions of thought, and moving directly into the moment, being whole and present expands your possibilities exponentially and transforms the mundane into an experience of joy.

The intent of this entry was to share a magnificent realization that unfolded this morning, not to promote my book. Still, the Inner Peace book is a compilation of the practices that lead to these insights, so feel free to investigate further there.

© 2013, daniel_dreifus. All rights reserved.

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