How to Memorize Bitcoin Private Key Seed Phrases Quickly, Easily, and Reliably

After researching memorization techniques from memory masters, and reading recommended memory techniques I found myself postponing the task of memorizing bitcoin seed phrases for months as just too intimidating, until I stumbled upon a method for remembering bitcoin seeds that is easy, fast, and enjoyable. Once learning the technique, I memorized 24 words in two days, spending only a few minutes each day. Before this, I tried several other methods that did not work, this one does.

Once you learn to reliably store your bitcoin private key seed phrase in memory in addition to secure storage elsewhere, you can import and restore your bitcoin savings from scratch, even if everything else is lost, starting with absolutely nothing, because you will always have your keys with you in mind.

Before recorded history, information was conveyed in ballads and songs, and the method still works today, where lyrics are broken into short phrases.

It is easiest to remember groups of three, so here is the secret: Break each twelve word bitcoin seed phrase into groups of three words, four deep. This may sound too simple, but try for yourself and see how effective it really is.

BIP 39 includes 2048 words as mnemonic devices to represent very large numbers. Here is a 12 word phrase from the center of the list. Your words will not all start with he same letter, but the process is exactly the same:

shoulder shove shrimp shrug shuffle shy sibling sick side siege sight sign

First, apply the super effective grouping by listing words three across and four down. Often bitcoin seed phrases are supplied preceded by a number, because they must be entered in the correct order, but when you actually enter the phrase in a wallet, just use the words themselves separated by a single space.

Remember (no pun intended), memorization techniques are still helpful, and the primary technique is to visualize and experience a strong emotional content with each word to imprint them reliably. 

shoulder shove shrimp

shrug shuffle shy

sibling sick side

siege sight sign

Now vividly imagine, and emotionally experience in your mind, a violent bully injuring your shoulder, and feeling the pain from the shove – an abrupt, unexpected action, then being called a shrimp and hurting your feelings. Look away from the words, imagine the scene, and feel the feelings. Create the story of these three words in a way that is most meaningful and memorable to you. All imaginary of course, but something vividly imagined feels real. Understand this may not be the way you would really respond, but we’re learning the words given that secure your bitcoin.

Then move to the next three words. Because you do not know the bully and will never see them again, you shrug, but feeling embarrassed you look down at your feet and shuffle away as you feel shy for not having stood up for yourself. This is a hurtful and impactful experience and it stays with you. Once again, look away from the words and internalize the story and feelings to imprint them upon your memory.

It is easy to move to the next three words, and develop a story about visiting the side of your sick sibling adding details to make it memorable to you. Similarly, you can visualize a siege possibly violent and large, that you are in a position to see safely, that represents a sign that is a kind of unrest particularly relevant to you, so there is a siege within sight that signals a sign of something important, and by stringing together and filling out details, you create something memorable.

In this way, spending just a few moments, it is easy to learn the words given to you.

Then using “spaced repetition” review them periodically to ensure they remain clear in mind and are retained permanently.

What to do if the three words seem unconnected and non memorable? Listen, read, attentively, and carefully, for the following method has been proven, not through speculation but reliable, repeatable, experience.

Patience. Adopt the attitude that the bitcoin protocol selected these words specially for you. Eliminate any mental resistance or doubt, and quietly await a relationship between the words to be revealed to you. Wait expectantly, and you will find it only takes a few minutes, for relationships and images to appear. Often a location will suggest itself and you can relate each word to a shared space. The key is to avoid mental resistance and accept the order given as workable. Then as relationships appear in mind, select the one most appropriate.

Devote a few minutes now – one to five to ten, and you will find you can now retain these bitcoin private key seed phrases in memory for a lifetime.

Sometimes you may find the order of the group of three words changed in your memory as you check against the list, so simply modify and embellish your inner story to more accurately represent the actual order of the words. Sometimes, you may temporarily forget the next cluster of words, so form an image to link the two. If you forget the sibling series comes after the word shy, remember your sibling as also shy for example, to tie the two phrases together in mind. These are just refinements, once you already remember almost everything, to cement them in place. One final tip, go easy on yourself, limit learning to no more than one twelve word bitcoin seed phrase per day. Congratulations! You’ve taken what could have been a daunting task and attained mastery.

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