Nimbus – How To Find Yours

Nimbus – How To Find Yours

Your nimbus or halo is an innate quality of life reflecting an exalted state of being that is accessible to you now. This is traditionally associated with religious icons in art, but represents something real that you can feel when you know how.

Allowing Your Light To Shine

You have energy that can be mental, emotional, or spiritual in its expression. See if you can feel this like a current flow subject to resistance or being shunted off in another direction.

Have you ever seen an infant sleeping peacefully and then wake up and smile at you? That’s your native being. I saw something similar in a tortoise awaking from hibernation, and it reflected innocence and purity and tranquility.

Bringing Awareness Into Daily Life

You may ask “What does this have to do with my daily life, paying my bills and getting along with my coworkers?” The answer is “everything” because when you are able to draw insight and wisdom from a clearer perspective your life is transformed for the better.

Chet Holmes who is a great sales coach and business development guru talks about pig headed determination and discipline winning every time, and has the pedigree to prove it. He calls that ego identity and ego strength and that is one aspect of it. But there’s a far more amorphous aspect to your actual identity.

Timeless Ideas

Ram Dass’s Guru told him to work with the phrase Be Here Now, and Echart Tolle wrote about the Power of Now. Too often, swayed by the internal or external opinions of others we get boxed into concepts defined by time, so that is one portal to opening your awareness.

Your own freed nimbus knowing, energy, presence, power, peace and stillness in action is like the ambrosia, like honey, like the endorphins from exercise, love, bliss, and perfect peace which passes temporal understanding. It is your white light of truth that completes you in great joy, beyond personal sense. It is the heart of wisdom. Carry it into the world.

Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D. in his book Cosmic Consciousness lists many famous and well known personalities who shared the clear and present certainty that there is no death. Clearly the body decomposes, so what is life really? Something that transcends the temporal and is not material, but is you, and when you learn to cease shunting and resisting the full and complete expression of you, it rises and radiates and is called your nimbus.

Daniel Dreifus is the author of a step by step guide on how to find inner balance. For more details please see How Do I Find Inner Peace.

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