Meet Daniel Dreifus

Meet Daniel Dreifus

Biography – About The Author

Here’s the real truth: as a child enduring religious services Daniel found them exceptionally uninteresting. But you know what else?  There was one phrase from Psalms that stayed with him for a lifetime: “Grant us peace, Thy most precious possession,” and in later years as he learned to unravel the deeper understanding of being, the object of all religion became clearer.

Depth and Beauty In Life

There is a depth and breadth and beauty to life which you may easily overlook. Abraham Maslow coined the term “peak experience” for that exceptional, joyful, self actualized trans personal special moment. Zen describes an experience known as Satori, which is seeing your essential nature. The Armenian philosopher Gurdjieff talked about how we need to wake up. Yogis speak of a non dualistic awareness known as Samadhi. Nirvana relates to moksha or liberation. Here’s one way to think about this: all of these wonderful, exalted states actually point to the essential nature of your being. That which you are when you’re not identifying with limited concepts about yourself.

Techniques and Insights

Read some of the blog posts here to learn more about the techniques, insights and understanding that allow you to reconnect with the essence of your own being, as you transcend restricted definitions to discover who you actually are.

Impossible, you say? In one sense you’re right. No one can give you something you must understand and experience for yourself. In addition to that, it is easy to forget that words are symbols, not the thing itself. When you say a word, you get an image and understanding associated with that word, but the word never really possesses the color, flavor, texture, reality and being of the thing the word describes.

Step by Step Guide

You can always adopt a surface view of things and get the general idea, but the deep issues of life remain, until you discover the answers, and begin to experience a wider and deeper understanding of what Mary Baker Eddy called the incorporeal nature of being, and this is now being corroborated by modern subatomic physics. How Do I Find Inner Peace is a step by step guide to the practices and ideas that can fulfill your fondest hopes, beyond your expectations. Think I’m exaggerating? It all comes down to this, your inner treasure is secret only because you may not have known how and where to look. Peace be with you. Be well and happy and whole.

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