Apps won’t load after transfer to new iPhone – fixed!

Here’s how I got Apps to load when stuck after transferring to a new iPhone, and certainly I felt much more peaceful after getting everything installed and working perfectly again.

Apple has a wonderfully simple method for moving data to a new phone with Bluetooth just by pointing the new phone’s camera at the old phone and capturing a cluster of dots displayed. Everything then appears exactly as on the old phone. In my case the system software had to update first, then all files transferred.

My problem was that for well over an hour all my Apps displayed text saying “loading…” beneath, with a pie shaped progress image superimposed that never moved or advanced. Tapping over the App icon only caused the loading process to “pause.”

For an iPhone 12 running iOS 14.3, the following step solved it. Press and hold an App that is “loading,” and select the choice to “prioritize” downloading. On the first try, I held too long and every icon began moving, so I repeated the “press and hold” a bit more quickly to select “prioritize this App.” After this everything began to pop into position fully installed, one App at a time. Interestingly, the App I “prioritized” was not the first to install, but one by one, starting from the top of that screen the full App icon popped into view. The I went to the next screen to the right, and they began to load properly, and so on until all were complete in a matter of perhaps five to seven minutes.

Just prior, I had gone to the App Store and downloaded a random App of possible interest, just to be certain I was properly logged in and the downloading process was working. I had also logged out and re-entered my password in “Settings” just to be sure.

If you are experiencing this problems, hope this works for you as well.

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