Daniel Dreifus On How I Find Inner Poise

Daniel Dreifus On How I Find Inner Poise

Inner peace is not a philosophy or an idea or a set of beliefs, it’s the thing itself.

Imagine, (this occurred to me this morning, see if it makes sense to you), imagine you’re a bowl of water and you’re shaking it, you know, so the surface is agitated, in turmoil. What you’d like to know perhaps how to do, is to be able to allow it to be still, to regain, rediscover, that tranquility which is innate, to that bowl of water, and indeed to your own identity.

Often we’re tossed so much with – I probably don’t have to tell you, right? Politics, the economy, relationships, finance, children, you know, the list is endless.

What you discover is that by learning to be aware of that peacefulness which is present within and around you, you develop – what word shall I use? A greater insight and perspicacity. A greater ability, a greater depth, a greater humanity, you become more of who you are, and you’re able to give more of yourself as a result, so that all, all of these areas are improved.

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