What Is Inner Peace?

What Is Inner Peace?

What is inner peace is a wonderful question to have because it leads you to such important discoveries! Just for the record, you are not likely to find anything more valuable than finding out more about inner harmony for your work, your family, your income, your recognition, all rise and fall in their worth to you, based upon your understanding and application of the answer to your question.

When you frame your question to inquire about inner tranquility, you already are pointing in the right direction. So much of human history is the story of conquering lands and exploring countries. You need to turn your attention inward to begin to experience peace.

Have you ever tried to look inwardly? It’s not too easy because when you close your eyes to get a better view, everything is dark! Most likely you know something about how you feel, and that happens on the inside, but you are going to need something more to develop an ability to actually look and find your inner self. Have you ever noticed that when you see something, that’s what you tend to think about? This only makes sense. You think about things when you are looking at them.

Your normal pattern of seeing things is to take in the scene by moving your eyesight around to look at various objects. You don’t usually stare at one spot if your mind is working normally. You usually have to make an effort to focus on something to have your attention stay there. You probably know that it is easier to focus on something that you are interested in, but did you recognize that if you hold your attention on something for a few minutes, interesting aspects and ideas begin to appear?

Five thousand years ago, the ancients knew the secret found at the center of the forehead known at the third eye point. Insights into your true identity are revealed when you look upward and inward with closed eyes, focusing at this point. Intuition is associated with this area and with a little practice you begin to discover something quite fascinating. As you are looking in, you discover your real self looking up and out.

Have you ever noticed how it can feel as though you are mentally two people when you have a conversation internally? It is not unusual to think “I need to run some errands today” and then answer yourself “but I need to stop at the bank first.” Is it true that your mind is actually split into two separate aspects? When you focus inwardly at the third eye point, you can spot the impostor!

You have two separate ways of using your consciousness. The first is in accomplishing tasks in order, one by one. The second is in being aware of the wholeness of the moment instead of planning your next move. You can learn to develop and savor the experience of being present and at ease in sublime peace.

“What is inner peace?” is answered when you experience the wholeness of life without preconditions or expectations in a way that becomes an increasingly significant to you.

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