How Do I Find Inner Peace?

How Do I Find Inner Peace?

When you learn how to look, where to center the focus of your attention, and how to experience the actual reality of your own being, you begin to sift through the maelstrom of thought and find that inner peace and wholeness that make all of life complete and perfect.

Have you ever really studied the needle of a compass?

It is a paragon of poise, dancing and spinning with grace and perfect balance on a single point.

You may be noticing how fragile and weak this appears, yet that perfect balance and sense of direction guides great expeditions and explorers who quickly become lost without it.

Your life can be like that compass needle, where from the lightest touch you can discover the inspiration that clearly and wisely guides you, or you may feel like your compass needle has fallen from its center point and it rattling around on the floor of the case, loose, off its mooring, static, devoid of the energy and direction that gives it life.

With the right tools and insight you could reposition your compass needle in its rightful place, at home in its freedom and function, and you can learn the same kind of techniques to gain clear insight into the issues that govern your own life.

Here are the prerequisites: 1) You have to be sufficiently open minded to learn something new. It’s not entirely new, you are rediscovering your own identity, but if there is a hard crust of conventionality that refuses to yield, you may never find it. 2) You have to be willing to devote sufficient time to experiencing the wholeness of life, and your own identity. Learning any skill can take some practice and an understanding of the basic principles that govern its operation, but what can you tell me that is more over arching in importance, relevance, power, harmony, joy and effectiveness than understanding the nature of your own identity and finding inner tranquility?

How Do I Find Inner Peace? Your Secret Treasure Within, A Step-By-Step Guide, Beginner to Advanced, by Daniel M. Dreifus gives you techniques, insights, ideas and understanding to discover your greatest gift. Nothing can replace the value of inner calm, not fame, accomplishment, relationship, wealth or work.

Is Peace Possible?

Let me share a secret with you. Not only is it possible, you can open a new way of seeing the world that is practical and will increasingly become indispensable to you. You don’t have to be subject to discordant conditions as you find the techniques and truths, that allow you to access deeper aspects of your own being. Go to the step by step guide.



Discovering the way to inner peace is an ancient art and practice. The gateway is open for you to experience peace, understanding and even prosperity and healing in ways that may amaze you.

New techniques will make the process far simpler for you. And the process is accessible to everyone. You can embark upon a wonderful inner journey that begins right now.

The Nature of Intelligence – Beyond Abstraction Is Reality

By looking within, you are looking in the right place. Science has developed many tools and devices throughout the centuries to observe that which lies without. Have you ever looked through the lens of a simple compound microscope? A new world appears and you can see the invisible. It really is remarkable how tiny organisms and their features spring to life, and if you’re looking at a live sample, such as a drop of pond water, all kinds of amazing suddenly visible microscopic life forms come into view.

You need special training to make sense of an electron microscope that uses a beam of electrons to magnify the subject. You are exploring the field of subatomic physics where the composition of the atom is examined in finer detail. The nature of being is far more vast than you may have imagined.

You’ve probably heard that most or even all of matter is actually empty space or energy or even mind, yet within that which appears empty is the source of all existence. Scripture tells us the kingdom of heaven is within you. It is within you and you are within it. When you discover directly that nature of being beyond limited, relative thought, opinion, belief and dogma, and experience it directly, you are at peace, for you are then free of the discord which has prevented your recognition and acceptance of it all along.

There is always new room for discovery. You can begin immediately and find progress right from the start. You may be surprised as you begin, to notice an inexplicable increase in harmony in your life.

You are giving life to great wisdom. Relationships, financial security, business accomplishments, personal recognition, can all fade in significance if you don’t have inner peace along with them.

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