Science and the Spiritual Cosmos

400 years of the telescope on PBS revealed some fascinating aspects of being, to the astute spiritual observer who understands the nature of being is spiritual, not physical. You see the exploration of deep outer space, converges with the findings of the exploration of deep inner space.

Astronomers have detected several intriguing phenomena. First, by photographing the heavens, we can observe greater detail because the photographic plates can be allowed to record finer detail over an extended period of time, and second, by using a prism to refract light into its component elements, we can observe some amazing details.

There is a “red shift” in the motion of galaxies indicating they are moving away from us, much like the Doppler effect of sound distortion indicates the motion of a train passing by as the sound of the horn trails.

Because all galaxies are moving away from the observer, every place of observation feels and appears to be a center, yet none are an absolute center. There is a corollary here in consciousness.

See the related post on this blog regarding discovering your own nimbus. Our essential nature is radiant. Letting your light shine forms an interesting contrast to being closed down under the weight of the world.

Astrophysicists are now hypothesizing “dark matter” that has a negative mass, to account for the seeming contradiction in the observation that all galactic space is expanding, in the face of the fact of gravity must always attract, losing sight of the radiant, basic and fundamental nature of Spirit as the foundation of Life and existence.

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