Inner Peace – How To Find Tranquility

Inner Peace – How To Find Tranquility

You need to meet certain prerequisites to find inner peace.

  • You Have To Be Open Minded Enough To Discover Something New
  • You Have To Dedicate Some Time Learning To Experience Something New

The book title and headings are not just words. It all comes down to this, you are receiving direct instruction in techniques and ideas that guide you in discovering, experiencing, knowing the truth of your being. Just skimming over the words without implementing the methods, absorbing and realizing their significance and presence, robs you of the sublime understanding.

Being trapped in a limited view of life and being restricts your ability to find calm. You must be willing to really find out for yourself what is true.

You may ask, how does anyone know what is really true? You find the answers within, but you need to ask the right questions, and know how to look. There is a quality of mind you can cultivate to observe with new eyes. Our normal rational thinking mind is always reasoning from the known to the known. This simply means you are primarily placing things into categories and comparing them to things you have experienced before.

When you learn to quiet your mind, you begin to perceive things and receive knowledge and understanding that had been missed. Here’s a very simple example. Suppose you are in a room where beautiful music is playing in the background, but you’re immersed in a conversation with someone standing next to you. You cannot hear the music no matter how lovely, and peaceful, and enriching you may have found it. It is simply inaccessible to you until you become quiet enough inwardly to be able to truly listen.

You will discover there is a vast realm of inner peace that eludes you until you have the willingness to do what is necessary to discover it, and its transforming and actual presence. Want to see how it works right now?

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