The Incredible Power of Stillness and How You Can Use It

The Incredible Power of Stillness and How You Can Use It

The incredible power of stillness belongs to you, and yet, you may live your entire life without finding it and all the while it is your simplest and most useful power. Here is what you need to know.

The Nature of Your Own Being

You have different aspects to the nature of your own being. This is clear to you when you realize that focus and perception alter your attention and consciousness all the time. Your mind tends to follow a train of thought, and you often train yourself to achieve by focusing on a desirable goal or outcome.

You also may live much of your life on a schedule where the sense of time exerts a seemingly real pressure to accomplish tasks within a fixed frame of reference, and it is all too easy to allow yourself to become impatient or flustered with the flow of events in your life.

Significance, Values and Goals

Spend just a moment right now to consider what is significant and has lasting value. Once your needs and the needs of your family are met, have you learned to access the deeper and profoundly satisfying aspects of your own being? Did you know that utilizing the incredible power of stillness can help you to realize your goals with more insight and less stress?

Discovering Something New

It has been said that ninety five per cent of people are imitators and only five per cent are initiators. Unlocking the power of stillness requires that you be open to your own grandeur and the majesty that surrounds you and that you free yourself of limiting belief in favor of discovering something new for yourself.

All you need to do is to recognize that one way of being for you is goal orientation, striving, reaching, achieving, and that you have another mode of being that is at rest, receptive, at peace, open, whole, and still. You can recognize the difference between fragmentation and wholeness and access your own innate gift of stillness, peace and power. What’s more, as you learn to access this aspect of your own being and consciousness, you can begin to carry it with you throughout the day bringing increased clarity, calm and efficiency to your daily life.

How To Manage Your Focus of Attention

When you focus, direct, or adjust the attention of your own mind it is like tuning a receiver. Radio, television, cell phones and WiFi connections all operate on frequencies independent of one another and your mind works like this also so that you can tune into one state of being only as you tune out of another.

Your Invitation

Here is your invitation to tune out of the preponderance of daily life that you live on autopilot and begin to access your own broader sense of being. Have you ever noticed how some of your best ideas come to you unexpectedly? That’s why paper was invented, and there is a certain magic to writing down good ideas that you receive. The greater ability, is to be receptive and sufficiently aware, that you mind is open to receive inspiration from everything around you as you explore the incredible power of stillness.

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